What is Darknet ?


About 3.2 billion people used the internet in the year 2015 73% of Americans go online every day. Fewer than 10% of them used encrypted services to browse the web anonymously.

Tor and the Dark web which originally a project started by the navy research in united states to protect the communication of us govt personal. so Tor project has servers all over the worlds and those browsers accept connections from users and then bounces that signals around and al the different connection from various places where encrypted. So no one can track any person what the person is doing ?and their IP or location. So be sure that no one should figure you out.

About 2.5 Million people use TOR every day. Many people’s use TOR for censorship and access someone’s speech to get information. There is some network of the dark web to exploit children.

Greg Virgin develops algorithms to track security threats, cyber crimes, and human trafficking. we found that people too much on the sites they will create a dialer and misspelled some words in the same way.

The dark net is unregulated but has self- regulated communities.

Now it is becoming more difficult to catch cybercrimes. illegal activities are increasing day by day. So before accessing deep web make sure your personal safety.


A darknet (or dark internet) is an overlay network that can only be accessed with specific software, configurations, or authorization, often using non-standard communications protocols and ports. Two typical dark internet types are friend-to-friend networks (usually used for file sharing with a peer-to-peer connection) and privacy networks such as Tor.

If we conceive of the Web as a data ocean, most of us are interacting with the wavy, transparent, easily navigable Surface Web. The Surface Web is the portion of the Web that has been crawled and indexed (and thus searchable) by standard search engines such as Google or Bing via a regular web browser.


In the darkness below, beneath the electronic thermocline, are the abyssal depths of the Deep Web (also referred to as the Invisible Web or Hidden  Web) – the portion of the web that has not been crawled and indexed, and thus is beyond the sonar reach of standard search engines. It is technically impossible to estimate accurately the size of the Deep Web.

However, it is telling that Google – currently the largest search engine – has only indexed 4-16 percent of the Surface Web. The Deep Web is approximately 400-500 times more massive than the Surface Web. It is estimated that the data stored on just the 60 largest Deep Web sites alone are 40 times larger than the size of the entire Surface Web.

Growing rapidly within the Deep Web is the Dark internet (also referred to as the Dark Web, DarkNet, or Dark Internet). Originally, the Dark internet referred to any or all network hosts that could not be reached by the Internet.

However, once users of these network hosts started sharing files (often anonymously) over a distributed network that was not indexed by standard search engines, the Dark internet became a key part of the Deep Web. Unlike the traffic on the Surface Web or most parts of the Deep Web, most Darknet sites can only be accessed anonymously.


  • Computer crime which includes Hacking, File corruption etc..,
  • File sharing like personal info, confidential, Whistleblowing illegal things etc..,
  • Sales of restricted goods likWhistleblowing
    and news leaks
  • Why can’t the authorities ban Darknet?


Are you most interested in getting into the darknet? Well, getting into darknet is almost an illegal way but we are providing into a  possible way.  We have done researches and found the right path on how to access dark websites in a secure manner. The most important for an initial setup needed is about ‘Tor Browser’, through you can access deep web sites.


Tor network was initially created by the US military base to communicate anonymously. They still dump government files – not open to the general public – on the Darknet. There are anonymous Intranets where they store these files and people who have passwords can access these files. Since the federal and other governments are themselves using the Darknet, they do not consider it feasible to order TOR to shut it down.

That gives criminals, journalists, whistle-blowers and the likes, a free hand. They can create and host anonymous websites offering just about anything but is not searchable from the surface web (or the normal web – because the websites were never indexed) nor can the mainstream browsers open such sites as they are not dependent on conventional DNS servers. All the Darknet/Deepnet has .onion domains that can be accessed only via TOR browser and a few more projects that are able to utilize TOR networks. But the easiest way to get into the Darknet is the TOR browser.

To download TOR Click here


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