Technically the term deep web is nothing but a websites which is not indexed by any search engine like Google, Yahoo, DuckDuck Go, etc. Always people think that deep web consist of scary sites that likes in the dark web but really the deep web or dark net consist of websites similar to the websites in normal web. But deep web sites are very private and restricted to use. We need special software’s, permission and configuration to access these websites.

It is not illegal to just browse the dark web alone, unless you are looking sites like child pornography, human trafficking sites. If you do it repeatedly  then it is considered as illegal.

There are also alot of sites which selling drugs, guns and stolen goods, bit even if you are browsing these sites it is not illegal. Buying something from it,on the other hand, is, because you’re either knowingly receiving stolen property, or knowingly purchasing illegal goods (e.g. meth, guns, grenades, stolen iPhone’s, hacked PayPal cards).

Not everything found on deep web is illegal. Some of the sites are simply communities of people who wish to remain anonymous. For example, I came across a site called the Dark Web Social Network. In theory, it is just a social network like Twitter or Facebook; however, it is possible that some of what’s discussed on that network are illegal or clandestine in nature.

deep web

deep web

It does also depend upon which country you’re accessing the dark web from, of course.  In the U.S., for example, there are far fewer restrictions on what web sites you can visit than, say, North Korea.  In a country with a more intrusive government, you would definitely want to be more careful about which websites you visit.

Some websites are shut down in U.S(e.g.FBI,ICE,DEA). Many people illegally involved in trafficking narcotics and guns. It is illegal to just browse those websites. But it makes a major difference if you actually purchase something from one of these markets, or if you’re the webmaster of one of the sites.

 it’s not illegal to browse the deep web by itself.  It really depends on what sites you’re accessing, and also what you’re viewing and/or purchasing from them.  If you’re unfamiliar with this part of the internet, I would suggest starting with some sites like the Hidden Wiki, which have lists of links, and also sometimes explain what the links lead to.

And secondly, if you aren’t sure what a link leads to (and you don’t have a strong stomach), you may want to avoid unlabeled .onion links, because some of the material can be highly disturbing.


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